Jewelry Box

  • A unique gift to hold the most treasured items. The sample seen here is made from solid wood, Steamed Beech and Mahogany
  • Octagonal shaped frame, all secured together using ‘tongue and groove’ joints to strengthen the frame structure
  • Top and bottom have been individually cut and assembled, highlighting the beauty of ‘Sapwood’ and ‘Heartwood’ and the continuity of the grain lines
  • The handle continues the octagonal theme of the piece, adorning the gullwing doors that protect those personal items
  • This piece has been finished with two coats of sealer, followed by two coats of PC Lacquer (Satin) to ensure a long lasting beautiful finish
  • Overall dimensions of this piece are
  • Manufacturing time for each unique piece is approximately 30 hours
  • Please drop me a line to ensure that I make a special jewellery box to suit your own individual needs

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