Creative Concertina Case

    • A unique bespoke case to hold my treasured musical instrument. The sample seen here is made from solid wood, a beautiful combination of Steamed Beech and Mahogany as seen here
    • Double Dovetailed corner posts offer a special feature of this magnificent piece
    • Top and bottom panels are ‘tongued and grooved’ into the outer frames
    • Top and bottom outer frames are ‘mitered’ with concealed ‘biscuit joints’ strengthening the corners and the use of mahogany strips finish off this piece beautifully, with both types of wood enhancing the beauty of the other
    • A separate satin bead filled bag, lines the bottom of the inside of the case, and allows the pipes to rest gently, preventing and damage to the pipes themselves
    • A magnificent gift that will last every musician a lifetime
    • Brass fittings have been used to compliment the case, and the straps inside ensure that the pipes are constantly secured when in transit
    • This piece has been finished with two coats of sealer, followed by two coats of PC Lacquer (Satin) to ensure a long lasting beautiful finish
    • Overall dimensions of this piece are
    • Manufacturing time for each unique piece is approximately 40 hours
    • Sizes of instruments may vary so please drop me a line to ensure that I make a unique case to suit your own individual piece

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