Accordion Cases

    • Hand crafted from natural solid wood, a combination of Ash and Walnut as seen here brings this case to life
    • Each piece individually made to match the beauty of the instrument it stores and protects
    • Corners are strengthened by use of ‘stopped finger joints’, this increases the gluing surface area
    • Top and bottom panels are both hand carved, and held in place using ‘tongue and groove’ jointing method
    • ‘Mitered joint’s on corners of top and bottom, strengthened by use of concealed ‘biscuit joints’
    • Solid brass fittings enhance the beauty of the wood
    • A magnificent gift that will last every musician a lifetime
    • This piece has been finished with two coats of sealer, followed by two coats of PC Lacquer (Satin) to ensure a long lasting beautiful finish
    • Overall dimensions of this piece are
    • Manufacturing time for each unique piece is approximately 45 hours
    • Sizes of instruments may vary so please drop me a line to ensure that I make a unique case to suit your own individual piece

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